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Life, Ocean, and General Sciences Department
Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

In front, left to right: Donn Walter, Chris Gan, Joy Strohmaier (and Sam Shabb)
In back, left to right: Gerry Barclay, Rus Higley, Woody Moses, Kaddee Lawrence

Gerry Barclay
Department Coordinator
office 29-240
206-878-3710 x3522

Chris Gan
office: 29-250
206-878-3710 x3695

              Kaddee Lawrence            
office 29-348
206-878-3710 x3057

Woody Moses
Office 29-233
206 878-3710 x3649

Sam Shabb
Office 29-231
206-878-3710 x3452

Joy Strohmaier
Office 29-248
206 878-3710 x6120

Adjunct Faculty
Rus Higley
Dauna Koval

Biology Lab Supervisor
Donn Walter
office 12-105
206-878-3710 x3252

Science Division Secretary
Linda Quick
206 878 3710 x3531

Faculty Advisors