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Course preparation for careers in the Life Sciences

Need a direction?  Ask our advisors (link below). 

Many exciting and rewarding careers are available in the Life Sciences. Click here for some examples. We, in the Life, Ocean, and General Science Department can help you prepare for your career. Click here for an advisor that can help you. Below is information about courses you can take at Highline Community College for a particular career choice.

Nursing program at Highline - click on this link to find out more

Pre-nursing, BSN degree. If you are planning on pursuing a BSN degree, click here for Allied Health Advising Sheet 

Pre-medical, Pre-biology 
The preparation for these careers is best met by completing the A.S. degree in biology. This planning sheet will explain most of what you need to know. Also required is one year of physics. Consult a faculty advisor for details.
For information on the Medical and Dental Programs at the University of Washington, click here..



Pre-physical therapy

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Last updated October 22, 2009