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Life, Ocean, and General Sciences Department

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Life Ocean, and General Sciences Department emphasizes teaching and learning with excellence as the standard and student success as the goal.

Department Objectives:

1. Provide a curriculum to meet the needs of transfer, non-transfer, and allied health students;
2. Provide students with a general awareness of science and the natural world;
3. Provide adequate guidance for students; and
4. Participate in professional development activities;
5. Provide students with an environment that promotes intellectual curiosity and critical thinking;

Student Learning Outcomes-Students will:

1. Demonstrate understanding of the scientific method using critical thinking skills to analyze, synthesize, and draw conclusions from data;
2. Evaluate bodies of evidence and judge the scientific validity of that information;
3. Explain the concept of evolution using empirical evidence from the discipline studied;
4. Recognize that science is interdisciplinary and requires broad exposure to many fields of study including (but not limited to) biology, chemistry, geology, math, and physics;
5. Apply scientific knowledge towards the understanding of current events;
6. Solve problems independently and in groups;
7. Express scientific ideas clearly in writing; and
8. Explain the core scientific concepts that define biology, oceanography, or general science as outlined in the specific learning outcomes for each course.

Assessment Instruments/Strategies:

1. Examinations
2. Lab reports
3. Research papers
4. Presentations
5. Peer evaluations